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Super Citrimax

You’re probably familiar with CitriMax®, the No. 1 selling (-)hydroxycitric acid (HCA) diet ingredient in the world. In one of the most comprehensive HCA studies ever conducted, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (Washington, DC) and Andhra University (Visakhapatnam, India) have discovered some surprising benefits of our new, more powerful form of CitriMax®, known as Super CitriMax®-benefits that can make this ingredient even more attractive to people trying to lose or maintain weight.

Not only does Super CitriMax® curb appetite, burn fat and result in significant weight loss without side effects, it also promotes healthy blood lipid levels and reduces Body Mass Index, an indicator of healthy body weight. But the most exciting news of all is that Super CitriMax® has been shown to increase levels of serum serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in mood, sleep and appetite control, which may help address many of the emotional issues overweight people face, including binge-eating and depression.*

An American Epidemic

Recently, the U.S. Surgeon General announced that excess body weight has replaced smoking as the leading health risk to Americans. How do we fight it? There are no magic bullets, but the CitriMax® family of ingredients can play an important role in the battle against the bulge.

Derived from the South Asian fruit Garcinia cambogia, the CitriMax® family contains standardized levels of HCA. This all-natural, organic acid has been shown to reduce appetite and inhibit fat synthesis without affecting the central nervous system. Thus, CitriMax® does not cause side effects such as insomnia, increased blood pressure or rapid heart rate the way diet stimulants do.


Super CitriMax® consists of a unique, patent-pending form of HCA bound to the minerals calcium and potassium. As a result, it is virtually 100% soluble and more bioavailable3 than regular calcium-based HCA ingredients. Super CitriMax® also contains 20% more HCA than ordinary HCA products. (Regular CitriMax® is 70% soluble and contains 50% HCA, while the solubility and potency of other HCA products on the market are typically quite lower.)

“Clinical Strength” Solution

Researchers now know that HCA product potency, bioavailability and dosage are essential requirements for optimal and consistent results. In the recent Super CitriMax® clinical study, it was discovered that optimal doses (2,700-2,800 mg HCA/day) of Super CitriMax® results not only in significant weight loss, but:

  • lowers triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol (cardiovascular risk factors)*
  • increases beneficial HDL cholesterol*
  • reduces Body Mass Index (an indicator of healthy body weight)*

Unexpected Results

The most fascinating findings of the Super CitriMax® clinical study, however, are how Super CitriMax® works in the body. The researchers found that people taking optimal doses of Super CitriMax® increased serum serotonin levels, a mechanism of appetite control and eating behavior, and increased excretion of fat metabolites (a measurement of “fat burning”).*

New Dosage

For optimal results, researchers recommend 1,500 milligrams of Super CitriMax® providing 900 milligrams of HCA be taken 30-60 minutes before meals, three times per day (4,500 mgs Super CitriMax® providing 2,700 mgs HCA total). This dosage level is significantly higher than that recommended in most dietary supplements containing HCA, but is consistent with successful animal trials,4-7 as well as the Super CitriMax® clinical study results.

Look for the Logo on the Label

Super CitriMax® is a nutritional ingredient available in a variety of quality weight loss products. Consumers can identify products that contain optimal doses of Super CitriMax® by looking for the “Super CitriMax® Clinical Strength” logo on the label.


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