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Metabolic Disorders

Author: Dr. Edward Group 05/26/2009

ChromeMate® Improves Metabolic Disorders in a Double-Blind Pilot Study

Metabolic problems such as obesity, unhealthy lipid profiles and glucose intolerance become more common with advancing age. Suboptimal chromium intake, a common prevalence in the U.S. and western cultures, can also contribute to these metabolic disorders. ChromeMate®, a unique oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound form of chromium, has previously been shown to promote healthy lipid profiles and glucose metabolism in animals and humans. In a double-blind pilot study, 2 groups of volunteers received 300 mcg of ChromeMate® or placebo daily for 3 months. Mean fasting glucose levels were lowered significantly in the ChromeMate® supplemented group, while glucose levels remained unchanged in the placebo group.

Those taking ChromeMate® also experienced a modest drop in mean triglycerides and glycosylated hemoglobin (Hb1Ac), the biomarker for long-term glucose control. In contrast, mean Hb1Ac increased in the placebo group. The ChromeMate® supplement was well-tolerated with no adverse events reported. The safety of ChromeMate® has been extensively evaluated in standard acute, chronic and mutagenic toxicology studies (reviewed elsewhere). In a 3-month sub-chronic study, no significant changes were observed in organ weights, hematology, clinical chemistry or histopathology. These findings support the use of ChromeMate® to safely improve metabolic disorders in those with inadequate chromium levels.

Source: Yasmin T, Shara M, Bagchi M, Preuss HG, Bagchi D, Toxicological Assessment Of A Novel Niacin-Bound Chromium, Known To Ameliorate The Symptoms Of Metabolic Syndromes, Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 45th Annual Meeting, abs 77, October, 2004.

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