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Author: Dr. Edward Group 05/21/2009

Questions: Are there any ingredients in the Slimirex® that will cause me to feel jittery or irritable?

Answer: While you may experience some additional energy taking Slimirex®, there should be no jitters, irritability, insomnia or similar problems that often occur with other weight-loss supplements. Many of their ingredients work to support the mechanisms that the body uses to produce energy and burn fat as a fuel, instead of just stimulating the nervous system to increase the number of calories that your body consumes. This is a healthier approach to reaching your ideal body weight.

Question: How soon should I see results?

Answer: As with all weight-loss programs results will vary according to many factors. This can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Diet
  • Regular exercise routine
  • Hormonal Balance, including insulin resistance
  • Gender
  • Degree to which you exceed your ideal body mass

Most people see the biggest change after 30-60 consecutive days of continuous use. Keep in mind, Slimirex® works with your body supporting healthy weight and fat loss. This works best when you follow a sensible eating plan and exercise regularly. These are essential components of a healthy weight-loss regimen. Products that guarantee fast results regardless of diet and lifestyle are typically too harsh to use regularly and do not promote health and well-being.

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