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Author: Dr. Edward Group 05/21/2009

Green Tea Extract commands a long history of providing health benefits to people who consume it, including aiding in weight loss. Archeological evidence suggests green tea has been used for nearly 5,000 years in China, Japan, India, and Thailand. In each of these countries, the extract of green tea has traditionally been used to help regulate blood sugar and promote digestion, both of which can support weight loss efforts.

The Kissa Yojoki (which translates as “The Book of Tea”) was written by a Zen priest in 1191. This book discusses several benefits of consuming green tea such as preventing fatigue, acting as a stimulant, and improving urinary function. As a healthy alternative to colas and coffee, green tea has experienced a surge in popularity as a beverage of choice (especially with tapioca bubbles added) among college students in recent years.

Other Benefits of Green Tea Extract:

  • Reduces fatigue so you can increase your exercise time.
  • The controlled, mild stimulation helps you burn calories.
  • The diuretic1 effect helps remove toxins.
  • Helps raise metabolic rates for continued activity.
  • Increases the oxidation of fat cells.

Research conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland found green tea extract helps raise metabolic rates while increasing the oxidation of fat cells. This study also examined caffeine (which is found naturally in GTE) but found that consuming caffeine by itself did not provide the same effects. Nonetheless, in tandem with the catechins 2 found in green tea, the 10 to 80 mg of caffeine per cup work together to increase thermogenesis. 3

Thermogenesis occurs naturally in “flight or fight” scenarios but only for a short while. An enzyme usually signals when it’s time to “turn off” production of those emergency chemicals. However, green tea inhibits that enzyme so you keep manufacturing the energy chemicals needed for exercise or stressful situations. Basically, by consuming green tea, you allow your body to generate more energy for physical activity.

According to similar research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 4 individuals consuming Green Tea Extract experienced a four percent increase in energy expenditure during a 24-hour period. However, since this energy expenditure took place during the day, this actually translated to an overall increase of 35 to 43 % more energy during waking hours! 5 Green tea extract is also far less likely to burn out the adrenal glands. Unlike the anhydrous USP caffeine found in coffee and colas, the natural form in green tea contains tannin compounds that cause the caffeine to be released slowly.

Furthermore, the polyphenols 6 in green tea inhibit the production of the enzyme amylase which in turns limits the amount of sugar absorbed into the bloodstream. Although, a definitive study has yet to be conducted, these factors may hold promise for helping to prevent Type II Diabetes.

Overall, Green Tea Extract displays several remarkable qualities that can help your weight loss efforts. With increased energy, amplified internal heat, and the ability to flush out more toxins, you can be well on your way to exercising more often and thus burning more calories. Green Tea Extract perfectly complements the other components of Lipofuzion™ in Slimirex to help you manage your weight safely and effectively!

1Diuretic: Any substance that increases the body’s urinary function.2 Catechins: Special antioxidant flavonoids (polyphenol compounds) that have been found to be beneficial for reducing arteriosclerosis.

3 Thermogenesis: The natural heat-producing potential of various mammals. An increase in the body’s core temperature can also be achieved artificially to promote increased metabolic function.

4 Dulloo, A. G., Duret, C., Rohrer, D., Girardier, L., Mensi, N. Fathi, M., Chantre, P. and J. Vandermander. “Efficacy of a green tea extract rich in catechin polyphenols and caffeine in increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans.” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 70, Issue 6. (1040-5). Pub. Dec 1999. Online. Accessed: 25 July 2007. Available:

5 Polyphenols: A powerful class of antioxidants (200 times stronger than Vitamin E) found in green tea.

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